how to clean an office ?

Office cleaning : steps, techniques and prices

how to clean an office ?

Do you know that the cleanliness of the premises is the first criterion of well-being at work?

Office cleaning is therefore particularly important for employee motivation and productivity. However, the maintenance of the premises requires more technique than it seems.

We have gathered on this page all the information to fully understand the specificity of office cleaning.

What are the different stages of office cleaning ?

How to properly clean offices?
How to choose an office cleaning company?
What are the prices for office cleaning?
This will allow you to better understand the office cleaning service and thus select your cleaning service provider with confidence.

Why is cleaning an office important ?

In addition to the provisions provided for by law, office cleaning has a considerable impact on comfort at work and on the image of the company with its customers.

Hygiene regulations

Every company is obliged to provide its employees with maintained and cleaned work premises to guarantee the health of employees.

This also includes sanitary facilities. Which must be cleaned once a day minimum.

Quality of life at work and corporate image

Company image

Clean and well-maintained premises contribute to a good image of the company, both with its customers and suppliers or the public if it receives them, and with its employees.

This gives confidence in the company and its products or services.

Employee health

Regular cleaning helps eliminate disease-causing bacteria. This involves the hygiene of surfaces and sanitary facilities, but also the renewal of air in offices.

Comfort at work

According to the Federation of cleaning companies, 84% of French people consider cleanliness to be essential in their workplace.

This contributes to the feeling of well-being at work, increases comfort and contributes to employee productivity. A clean and tidy space allows you to better concentrate on your work.

Respect the environment

Sorting and collecting waste are essential in the context of a CSR policy. This shows that the company is concerned about its environmental impact and is part of a responsible and sustainable approach.

Who can do the cleaning in the company?

If these tasks are provided for in his employment contract, an employee of a company may be required to clean the common areas and sanitary facilities or even evacuate waste. There is no mandatory certification to carry out these actions.

However, some specific cleaning, such as window or carpet maintenance, requires real know-how.

Having the premises maintained by company employees is less expensive than hiring a cleaner, but the cleaning service will not be of the same quality.

A surface technician is trained in the various cleaning techniques, as well as in the handling of household appliances. He is more efficient and knows perfectly how to maintain surfaces.

How to choose an office cleaning company ?

To choose an office cleaning company, we can rely on these simple criteria:

Local brand or whole of Canada

In general, it is beneficial to hire a local cleaning company, whose main agency is located near your business premises. This reduces the transport time of maintenance workers and therefore the price.

However, in the case of a national company that would like to negotiate a cleaning quote for several branches, contacting a national cleaning company can lower the quote.

It will still be a local agency that will be responsible for cleaning the premises.


A quick search on the internet should allow you to collect customer opinions about the cleaning company and form an opinion.

Labels and certifications

There are several labels concerning cleaning services (Qualipropre, MASE, Ecolabels, etc.) which prove the quality of the cleaning.

Price of the service

Always ask for quotes from several cleaning companies and compare them with equivalent services.

Beware of very low quotes that do not correspond to the specifications and involve the invoicing of services outside the package, which are very expensive.

Additional services

If you need additional services to routine maintenance (green spaces, management of waste and consumables, carpets, high windows, etc.), choose a cleaning company that offers them.

This will be cheaper than hiring two different providers, as the quote can be negotiated accordingly.

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