House Cleaning

KANIANS PRO CLEAN : Dirty apartment and house cleaning company


House Cleaning

KANIANS PRO CLEAN is a professional cleaning company. We have specialized in cleaning and clearing for years.

We work with people who use our services to clean their different accommodations (house, villa, apartment).

Our clients can be individuals, tutelary associations, companies and others. They all trust our quality services that we perform.

KANIANS PRO CLEAN is a team made up of qualified professionals. Who know how to assert our good reputation.

How to clean a very dirty house ?

We thus intervene in these insalubrious houses with quality products which respect all the health standards.

To ensure the well-being of the client, we clean his accommodation, disinfect it and purify it as necessary. In the end, we ensure a perfect restoration of the premises.

The accommodations where we carry out our interventions are either of the syllogomania type, that is to say just very cluttered with objects piled up everywhere, or of the diogen type. That is to say who has reached a level of extreme insalubrity.

But in both cases, our teams have received well-adapted training allowing them to carry out the interventions successfully.