Car Deep Dleaning

A company specializing in vehicle cleaning

Car Deep Dleaning

KANIANS PRO CLEAN is a company specializing in the cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment of vehicles of all types.

It was founded years ago and today it still shares the same dynamism as on the first day!

Our commitment is clear: to offer you a tailor-made service, accompanied by an irreproachable follow-up and in complete transparency.

Our experts have a passion for a job well done as well as the allies that go with it: the particular attention to detail and precision.

Their experience and professionalism are sublimated thanks to the most innovative and efficient tools on the market that we make available to them.

Our services are not limited to car detailing. We offer a variety of services.

Whether you are a car lover looking for a quality detailing center, wanting to find support to match your project, a professional in the automotive sector looking for a trusted ally or even a car owner. an establishment looking for a competent cleaning service, KANIANS PRO CLEAN is here to help and thanks you for your trust.

The KANIANS PRO CLEAN technique for your rugs and carpets

Car Deep Dleaning

Stain removal with task-specific products
Neutralizing odors from rugs and carpets
Treatment against bacteria and mites
Reduction of allergies
Treatment delaying fouling of rugs and carpets
Preservation of materials including wool

Our cleaning process :

Surface vacuuming to remove residue
Elimination of stains
Shampooing and manual brushing of the dirtiest areas
Passage to the injector / extractor to extract the dirt in depth.