Car cleaning in summer

Some Tips For Washing Your Car

car cleaning

There are several methods to clean your car, vehicle or auto. Everyone has their habits, their personal know-how, their methods inherited from a family secret…

A different know-how for everyone with an identical result each time, the car is clean and often shiny (not always for long though).

Methods to clean your car. The good ones and the questionable ones.

1/ Wash with Paic Citron with a kitchen sponge Or a sponge purchased from a specialty store.

With a bucket, add dishwashing liquid to water (Cold or Hot). Wet the car with a jet of water, rub with the sponge. The car is degreased (lemon paic degreases the dishes so it must be the same for the body of your vehicle), the car shines.

Be careful not to use the green side of the sponge. Yes, bodywork is different from crockery, paint is less resistant than enamel.

2/ Washing without water.

Superb method that allows you to clean your vehicle in your garage, in your parking lot… Anywhere you want. You take a microfiber or a cloth, you spray the product, you rub.

The dirt is on the rag, more on the bodywork. In addition the paint and varnish are shiny.

3/ Washing with rollers

When you go to refuel, you take the opportunity to wash your car with rollers. Fast, effective method. The car comes out clean, that’s the goal.

With all these methods are the rims clean, the tires degreased, is the result durable?

4/ Steam washing

Effective and ecological method. You cannot do it yourself. You will need to call on a professional with specific know-how and a valid machine.

Even if it is not the best method (we will see it later).

This washing method is ecological, degreasing and above all mandatory in certain regions due to water restriction / drought.

Yes, sometimes the Prefect favors the use of water for essential needs (drinking, eating, washing, etc.)

5/ Washing with Karcher in the station

We are approaching the right methods. You go to the high-pressure station and wash your car with the different programs offered.

Pre-wash, Active foam, Soft brush, High performance shampoo, Aggressive shampoo, Water-repellent wax… Sometimes wash with hot water…

6/ High pressure washing at home

Of course, for this you need a garden, access to water and have the right to do so (local restriction depending on the region and the period).

You take out all the products, (or the lemon paic). You clean, wash, degrease, pre-wash… Not in that order of course.

7/ Washing with two buckets and by hand

You are equipped, you have the right products, washing gloves, microfiber for the windows, those for the bodywork, the sills, the rims, the active foam cannon…

The drying microfiber for the finish, see the hot blower. Ok you are a pro or passionate lover of your car.

Whether you want to know how to clean your personal car, for special occasions or to sell it. The method may be the same.

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